Starting Oracle

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Running Oracle

Name of the server oracle
Name of the client sqlplus
Typical command line to start the client sqlplus scott/tiger@soc3


the connection string - which is doubtless incredibly simple

to set up - help would be appreciated here


user name



Useful commands
select * from cat;
describe tableX;
start file.txt
help set;

If your data includes the character & it prompts for a value. Use the command SET DEF OFF; to avoid this.

The editor is hideous. Copy and paste from a decent text editor.

If results are wide the format is unreadable. SET LINE 500 can help as can SET PAGESIZE 100.

Tips for not looking stupid when faced with a new Oracle installation.

To get into Oracle use sqlplus or "SQL *Plus Worksheet" if you have a mouse and such like. Start/Programs/Oracle - something/Application Development/SQL *Plus Worksheet. You need to know a user name and password - scott/tiger is created by default. There are admin accounts sys and system. You also need the host string or service - I found this in the latest install log file C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs\installActions2003-09-01-02-03-39-PM.log look for s_dbSid - there may be several - by default it is the first part of globalDBName.